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CeramTec Advanced Ceramic Products

From A as in actuator to Z as in zirconium oxide stabilized substrates you will find the entire CeramTec spectrum of custom-tailored advanced ceramic products.

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Combined Expertise in Piezo Ceramics

Following the acquisition of the Electro-Ceramics Division from Morgan Technical Ceramics, CeramTec has broadened its range of piezo-ceramic experts, materials and products.

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Main Markets for Ceramic Applications

Markets and applications for CeramTec products are nearly everywhere. Whether at home, in the office, industrial manufacturing, in hospitals or on the road.

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Ceramic Materials

Explore our advanced ceramic materials that make those applications possible today and tomorrow that were thought to be nearly impossible just yesterday.

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News Center

Latest news and upcoming events from the CeramTec Group: Get all the latest news from CeramTec and find out what’s happening in the world of advanced ceramics at a glance.

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Contact us

As a global supplier of products, solutions and services for advanced ceramics CeramTec is committed to assisting you wherever you are. Get to know your local contacts here.

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About us

The companies of the CeramTec Group set standards in the area of advanced ceramics, represent the name CeramTec and our passion for ceramic materials in local markets.

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