Oxide Ceramics – Mixed Ceramics/Dispersion Ceramics

Material Compounds to Enhance Properties

Oxide mixed ceramics or dispersion ceramics are developments of mixtures of different basic ceramic material types specifically designed to enhance and optimize certain properties.

Oxidkeramik – Misch-/Dispersionskeramik

Worth knowing:

Characteristic Example of a Mixed Oxide Ceramic

  • Strength up to 1,350 MPa
  • Weibull modulus up to 14 (a measure of material reliability)
  • Compressive strength up to 4,700 MPa
  • Fracture toughness: 6.4 MPam1/2
  • Vickers hardness HV1: 17 GPa

Examples include alumina toughened zirconia (ATZ) and zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA). One positive effect of reinforcing one oxide with the other is the strength properties that can be achieved. There are ZTA materials that can achieve flexural strengths of 1,350 MPa and compressive strengths of over 4,700 MPa. These materials are used in components that demand maximum reliability, such as those used in hip joint balls and cup inserts for orthopedic and arthroplasty applications. CeramTec’s BIOLOX®delta material is a dispersion ceramic of this type developed specifically for joint replacement.

Products made from CeramTec Mixed Ceramics/Dispersion Ceramics

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